Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I got this friend who keeps on sending messages in my email account. Most of those are of the usual stuff. One day, my attention was caught by one of these messages. It was titled “Strategic Change”. The other messages could have been more striking but I found this one more notable. Maybe because this is what I’ve always wanted… CHANGE… not just a plain change but a
“STRATEGIC” one. So I commented on this and sent him a reply telling him what it did to me. And I got a more arresting phrase when I came to read his reply. It said, “If you do what you’ve always done then you’ll get what you’ve always got”. It made sense to me and maybe for others too. We kept on complaining whywe’re not getting anywhere and always have to content ourselves with what is at hand. Isn’t it time for us to change gears?

I’m the typical office employee who works 8 hours a day, deals with monotonous tasks at my desk and voila! my day is made without having to really think on how to spend it. Isn’t that nice, having my friend “routine” make everything easy for me? Instead, this cycle has made me restless. Comfort zone isn’t at all comfortable. Realization dawned on me… I’ve reached a bottleneck.

It seemed like I’ve ceased developing and that I’m living with no direction at all. And I certainly wouldn’t want to go back. I’ve gone this far but I don’t want to undo everything I’ve invested. It’s just that I want a way out. Just a little chance of learning more and growing and enhancing
and exploring… something I can call a liberating change. This change can mean a lot of things… it can be a change of lifestyle, of outlook, of goals, of preferences, of beliefs, of values, of strategies, of location, of dreams, of wants and needs, of friends… and even your whole life. Such changes, if carried out strategically, determine our destiny.

When we think of change, a lot of emotions will come out. One of them is fear – the fear for the unknown. It’s not very an entertaining thought leaping into something without knowing what awaits you when you get there. It certainly invites goose bumps. But it’s this same uncertainty that thrills us. There’s always adventure in taking risks… in deciding with only limited knowledge of what to come. Relying only on sound judgments and instincts and customizing each respond to certain situations when they come along. This can be both exhilarating and tormenting but would definitely bring out the creative and stronger side of us. These nerve-racking experiences brought by anticipation will bring us into a hell of a roller coaster ride,
which, if rode with ease and playfulness, will undeniably be a blissful ride.