Tuesday, December 2, 2008

24 Hours in Malaysia

We only have limited time to explore Malaysia. We managed to get out of Singapore and steal a little time from our Singapore trip to see Malaysia. (Never regretted over it though) The time spent in Malaysia was worthwhile. For just one day we were able to enjoy our trip to Malaysia and even bought souvenirs to bring back home.

Haaaay... the gorgeous towering Petronas Twin Towers (I looked so small hehe)

What are you pointing at gurl? :)

Me and my sister above and the KLCC Shopping Center below.

We left for Malaysia at around 5 pm in Singapore. We just bought our ticket at the bus terminal somewhere in Bugis. (Fare was 35 SGD). I was so happy that I could reach Malaysia for just that cost. Their bus was very convenient and organized. There’s big room for each traveler as their seats are big and comfortable. We sat on the last row of seats and enjoyed it. It was a bit elevated from the rest of the seats and we enjoyed the scenery on the window. It was about a 1 hour ride to Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s border where we pass thru immigration then another 5-hour ride to Kuala Lumpur. We reached Kuala Lumpur at 11 pm. It was already dark when we reached there but I was sure once we’ve reached Kuala Lumpur because of it’s different sparkle. We do have passed several towns in our trip and have even stopped in one of them to have our dinner but Kuala Lumpur stands out. It is so beautiful at night with the shining Menara sparkling like jewel and the gorgeous Petronas Twin Towers. We alight from the bus at the terminal and called our friend to fetch us. We were instructed to ride a taxi to KL Sentral and meet her there. But we realized one problem… We don’t have ringgit. We only have US and Singapore dollars and of course Philippine peso which are totally worthless at that time. Thankfully, we were able to find a taxi willing to accept Singapore dollars but of course at a premium pay. We sped off to KL Sentral and meet our friend and we went straight to her apartment. And thankfully she fed us after being slaved by lack of ringgit power. We couldn’t find food with our credit cards or we just don’t know where? haaay…

Wanna come? :)

Walking along Jalan Petaling after exchanging our Peso with Malaysian Ringgit

We’re up very early, so eager to explore KL at once. We went first to Jalan Petaling to exchange our Philippine peso to ringgit and so relieved that we can buy anything now with our ringgit power. As a revenge for our last night’s plight, I bought enough fruits I met on Jalan Petaling. After that, we went to Kota Raya, the place where there are a lot of Filipinos according to our guide friend and went to the bus station to book our return ticket for only RM42. We explored KL on foot first then went to KLCC right before lunch. There we met the gorgeous petronas twin towers and looked inside KLCC. It’s a very nice shopping center perfect to quench your lust for beautiful things. We ate our lunch there then left to KL Sentral at 2:30 pm to catch our bus to Genting Highlands at 3pm. It was only about 1 – 1.5 hours travel to Genting from KL. We enjoyed our visit to Genting and ate Nasi Lemak there - a Malaysian food specialty. We left Genting at 730pm and went back to Jalan Petaling for our souvenirs. Souvenirs and shopping items are in abundance in this place at a cheaper price. We managed to buy things to bring back home and left to catch our bus going back to Singapore at 11 pm and arrived 5am. It was just a short trip to Malaysia but it was worth remembering. Our experience was very good and we truly love our trip with lots of memories and pictures taken.

The City of Kuala Lumpur at daylight.

The Beautiful Menara sparkling like jewel at night.

Overlooking Kuala Lumpur at night.