Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Best Job In The World

My friend sent me this link about the best job in the world :) and indeed it's the best job. You will be paid for exploring the beautiful islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. And it's not one boring god-forsaken island but a wonderful paradise. Go to this link and see for yourself.

Fellow bloggers if you're interested, upload your application now. It's a one of a kind type of job where you will be paid to have a vacation hehe and all you have to do is to promote the island thru blogs, videos, etc. You will even be exposed to media (celebrity mode) :) But the good thing is that, they don't really need a beautiful face all they want is the charisma so better chances for the not-so-you-know hehe and this is a paid job for AUD $150,000 for 6 months! Haaaay... I don't know how to swim so I'm passing this to you hahaha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Adventures and Misadventures? :)

I looked at my past adventures and misadventures and I've found really nice ones. Each moment was truly captured creating wonderful memories. I can still feel the fun and adventure it did to me at that precise moment. Below are my top 10 favorites :)

Adventure number 1 - My diving experience

This one's my number 1 favorite :) I love the feeling of being under water meeting water creatures for real :) It left me feeling enchanted for a week. Would love to do this again and hopefully in a more challenging and beautiful site.

Exploring Samal underwater. Cold and beautiful under :)

Adventure Number 2 - My cable car rides in Sentosa and Genting Highlands

This one's not so extreme, it's more of relaxing yet breathtaking. I loved the ride and the beautiful scenery.

Adventure Number 3 - White Water Rafting! Whew!

This one's super extreme and exhilirating. I loved the wild river throwing us up and down, right and left, attacking us like a washing machine would do hehe except that it's flowing forward.

Adventure Number 4 - Zip Lining at Camp Sabros and Extreme Samal

I never knew being "Darna" err "Krystala" oh erase, I like "Dyosa" better :D is more fun than I've imagined.

Extreme samal above water zip line. Lost my camp sabros pic :(

Adventure Number 5 - Rappelling on a cliff and hanging above water

I thought I couldn't do it but hell it was so easy and fun. Will do this again and again but please put an elevator hehe I can't stand the climbing stuff.

Adventure Number 6 - War Game with Lingkod Sisters

I love this activity with my Lingkod Sisters. We went paint ball shooting and I love the fun. Lingaw diay mag gira2x no? hahaha

Adventure Number 7 - My Shooting Career

My friend Joy brought me to the SWAT firing range and there I learned to use the M16 :D

Adventure Number 8 - Riding the space shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom

"Lord, take me to where you are if I'm going to die now" This was my prayer during the the riding experience. I felt like I was thrown into an endless abyss hahaha

I rode that monster behind me but I survived though :)

Adventure Number 9 - Riding the Star Flyer at Star City

I'm not that afraid this time coz I know what to expect after trying the space shuttle. But it somehow scared me. it was as if I was thrown into outer space hahaha

The star flyer :)

Adventure Number 10 Misadventure rather ;) - I played mischievous little girl at the PMA museum :D

All displays at the PMA museum are hands-off. Until I found the stuffs the PMAers are using. It was not meant for touching they even put a chain around it. But since no one is watching and Nadel wants to do something, so Nadel went in, pose with the PMA cadet statues, rummage a cadet's cabinet and put on one of the PMA jackets :)

Does it look nice on me? :D

Don't ever tell them honey okey promise me ;)

These are the things I've accumulated from my travels and fun. I wonder what else will I do this year :) Haaay, I'm dreaming of trying the sky diving.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey! It’s a brand new year and we’re in for another year of i-don’t-know-what’s-going to happen stance. With the financial crisis that’s not yet in its full effect as experts have been trying to determine, we wonder if we’ll ever have a hard time this year. But instead of getting anxious let’s think of ways on how to recession-proof our situation. Well, that must certainly start in our earning capacity. What then are the best careers in 2009?

They say that health professionals are still in demand and IT people are not that marketable with the emergence of transferring jobs offshore. These types of jobs can easily be thrown offshore as well as finance and accounting jobs. Green jobs are “in” as more and more companies are getting more aware and become more responsible with saving earth. Sustainability-related careers are definitely a good way to keep on going.

What about if you just got out from high school or contemplating a change in career path? You may want to consider these 5 best careers in 2009 released by US news and world report. These are Health Policy Specialist, Fundraiser, Higher Education Administrator, Management Consultant and Usability / User Experience Specialist. These careers were identified based on job outlook, average job satisfaction, difficulty of the required training, prestige and pay.

But I think, we don’t really have to worry about this as long as we keep on equipping ourselves and keep a positive attitude. That’s what we really need during tough times.

As to the color of the year, pantone “the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries”, announced yellow as the color of the year. Such yellow is specifically called PANTONE® 14-0848 Mimosa, a “warm, engaging yellow which embodies hopefulness and reassurance in a climate of change”. This is so perfect for the current status of our world today, with climate change and recession taking place.

As to fashion, designers may consider the issue on climate change and create a fashion statement that cares much for saving our earth. May it be using environment-friendly materials, energy-saving garments, maybe solar generating energy items (why not?)

As to goods, more and more goods will be produced that prevent or lessen the exhaustion of green house gases that destroy the ozone layer and there will be more and more programs on cleaning earth and more awareness and education on calculating carbon footprint. The use of gas maybe minimized and may interest more inventors to come up with more ways to generate energy without the use of fossil fuels.

As to government, more policies might be passed and imposed on climate change issues. People immigration might also increase as there are large countries with large economies that needs to be built by skilled people. Such countries are opening or loosening their immigration laws to cater the need of their economy.

All in all, there may be part of the world that will have a hard time and there will also be in good stance. It’s just like a bubble. When a part is squeezed it will definitely bloat the other part. And so opportunities will still be there we just have to always equip ourselves.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unlimited World

As the world progresses, choices also increases. In fact, they become unlimited. Before, people are stuck in their own places and in few jobs all their lives and even to just one job coz as long as the company provides and is stable, you will have a happy retirement. The company you have served for many years will take care of everything for you. At present, it doesn’t exist anymore. We become responsible for our old days. Work became so competitive and we have to go back to school over and over again to learn new things. Not only that, people can now work anywhere in the world because of globalization and internet.

Globalization made the world one as standards for most professions are made similar in any part of the world so your competency will now be able to reach and still applicable in any part of the world thus, creating gigantic opportunities and many choices to choose from.

The internet has connected the world. People can reach other people even if the other is in the other part of the world. All these things had been unimaginable before. More and more people can now afford to leave family and work overseas because of the many communication tools available today. Anyone can now own new and hi-tech gadgets as more and more affordable products are competing in the market.

People can now easily travel as budget airlines and accommodations are in abundance. Countries which lack people are making attractive immigration policies to be able to win the best skilled workers in the world. Love can even bloom through the internet. Before, it will take weeks or even months to contact a loved one through snail mails. People from different parts of the world meet and find the love they were looking for. So the possibility of being alone forever has lessened hehe

The world has indeed become small at the touch of the fingertips. And everything has become convenient. But the irony of it is that, people never truly communicate. They got so busy and no time for other people. The value of family has lessened and more and more couples do not prefer to have children. Life has decreased in value as standards for morality has declined. Anything is possible in our time today. It makes us more human and dignified at some degree as we have finer things at hand but at the same time it made us less human and with no dignity too as relationships suffer, there’s too much liberalism that hurts morality and we become more susceptible to sin. Indeed, there is a price for everything. Every good thing that comes has a price tag on it and it’s up to us to decide what’s more important.