Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Adventures and Misadventures? :)

I looked at my past adventures and misadventures and I've found really nice ones. Each moment was truly captured creating wonderful memories. I can still feel the fun and adventure it did to me at that precise moment. Below are my top 10 favorites :)

Adventure number 1 - My diving experience

This one's my number 1 favorite :) I love the feeling of being under water meeting water creatures for real :) It left me feeling enchanted for a week. Would love to do this again and hopefully in a more challenging and beautiful site.

Exploring Samal underwater. Cold and beautiful under :)

Adventure Number 2 - My cable car rides in Sentosa and Genting Highlands

This one's not so extreme, it's more of relaxing yet breathtaking. I loved the ride and the beautiful scenery.

Adventure Number 3 - White Water Rafting! Whew!

This one's super extreme and exhilirating. I loved the wild river throwing us up and down, right and left, attacking us like a washing machine would do hehe except that it's flowing forward.

Adventure Number 4 - Zip Lining at Camp Sabros and Extreme Samal

I never knew being "Darna" err "Krystala" oh erase, I like "Dyosa" better :D is more fun than I've imagined.

Extreme samal above water zip line. Lost my camp sabros pic :(

Adventure Number 5 - Rappelling on a cliff and hanging above water

I thought I couldn't do it but hell it was so easy and fun. Will do this again and again but please put an elevator hehe I can't stand the climbing stuff.

Adventure Number 6 - War Game with Lingkod Sisters

I love this activity with my Lingkod Sisters. We went paint ball shooting and I love the fun. Lingaw diay mag gira2x no? hahaha

Adventure Number 7 - My Shooting Career

My friend Joy brought me to the SWAT firing range and there I learned to use the M16 :D

Adventure Number 8 - Riding the space shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom

"Lord, take me to where you are if I'm going to die now" This was my prayer during the the riding experience. I felt like I was thrown into an endless abyss hahaha

I rode that monster behind me but I survived though :)

Adventure Number 9 - Riding the Star Flyer at Star City

I'm not that afraid this time coz I know what to expect after trying the space shuttle. But it somehow scared me. it was as if I was thrown into outer space hahaha

The star flyer :)

Adventure Number 10 Misadventure rather ;) - I played mischievous little girl at the PMA museum :D

All displays at the PMA museum are hands-off. Until I found the stuffs the PMAers are using. It was not meant for touching they even put a chain around it. But since no one is watching and Nadel wants to do something, so Nadel went in, pose with the PMA cadet statues, rummage a cadet's cabinet and put on one of the PMA jackets :)

Does it look nice on me? :D

Don't ever tell them honey okey promise me ;)

These are the things I've accumulated from my travels and fun. I wonder what else will I do this year :) Haaay, I'm dreaming of trying the sky diving.

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