Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unlimited World

As the world progresses, choices also increases. In fact, they become unlimited. Before, people are stuck in their own places and in few jobs all their lives and even to just one job coz as long as the company provides and is stable, you will have a happy retirement. The company you have served for many years will take care of everything for you. At present, it doesn’t exist anymore. We become responsible for our old days. Work became so competitive and we have to go back to school over and over again to learn new things. Not only that, people can now work anywhere in the world because of globalization and internet.

Globalization made the world one as standards for most professions are made similar in any part of the world so your competency will now be able to reach and still applicable in any part of the world thus, creating gigantic opportunities and many choices to choose from.

The internet has connected the world. People can reach other people even if the other is in the other part of the world. All these things had been unimaginable before. More and more people can now afford to leave family and work overseas because of the many communication tools available today. Anyone can now own new and hi-tech gadgets as more and more affordable products are competing in the market.

People can now easily travel as budget airlines and accommodations are in abundance. Countries which lack people are making attractive immigration policies to be able to win the best skilled workers in the world. Love can even bloom through the internet. Before, it will take weeks or even months to contact a loved one through snail mails. People from different parts of the world meet and find the love they were looking for. So the possibility of being alone forever has lessened hehe

The world has indeed become small at the touch of the fingertips. And everything has become convenient. But the irony of it is that, people never truly communicate. They got so busy and no time for other people. The value of family has lessened and more and more couples do not prefer to have children. Life has decreased in value as standards for morality has declined. Anything is possible in our time today. It makes us more human and dignified at some degree as we have finer things at hand but at the same time it made us less human and with no dignity too as relationships suffer, there’s too much liberalism that hurts morality and we become more susceptible to sin. Indeed, there is a price for everything. Every good thing that comes has a price tag on it and it’s up to us to decide what’s more important.

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