Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey! It’s a brand new year and we’re in for another year of i-don’t-know-what’s-going to happen stance. With the financial crisis that’s not yet in its full effect as experts have been trying to determine, we wonder if we’ll ever have a hard time this year. But instead of getting anxious let’s think of ways on how to recession-proof our situation. Well, that must certainly start in our earning capacity. What then are the best careers in 2009?

They say that health professionals are still in demand and IT people are not that marketable with the emergence of transferring jobs offshore. These types of jobs can easily be thrown offshore as well as finance and accounting jobs. Green jobs are “in” as more and more companies are getting more aware and become more responsible with saving earth. Sustainability-related careers are definitely a good way to keep on going.

What about if you just got out from high school or contemplating a change in career path? You may want to consider these 5 best careers in 2009 released by US news and world report. These are Health Policy Specialist, Fundraiser, Higher Education Administrator, Management Consultant and Usability / User Experience Specialist. These careers were identified based on job outlook, average job satisfaction, difficulty of the required training, prestige and pay.

But I think, we don’t really have to worry about this as long as we keep on equipping ourselves and keep a positive attitude. That’s what we really need during tough times.

As to the color of the year, pantone “the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries”, announced yellow as the color of the year. Such yellow is specifically called PANTONE® 14-0848 Mimosa, a “warm, engaging yellow which embodies hopefulness and reassurance in a climate of change”. This is so perfect for the current status of our world today, with climate change and recession taking place.

As to fashion, designers may consider the issue on climate change and create a fashion statement that cares much for saving our earth. May it be using environment-friendly materials, energy-saving garments, maybe solar generating energy items (why not?)

As to goods, more and more goods will be produced that prevent or lessen the exhaustion of green house gases that destroy the ozone layer and there will be more and more programs on cleaning earth and more awareness and education on calculating carbon footprint. The use of gas maybe minimized and may interest more inventors to come up with more ways to generate energy without the use of fossil fuels.

As to government, more policies might be passed and imposed on climate change issues. People immigration might also increase as there are large countries with large economies that needs to be built by skilled people. Such countries are opening or loosening their immigration laws to cater the need of their economy.

All in all, there may be part of the world that will have a hard time and there will also be in good stance. It’s just like a bubble. When a part is squeezed it will definitely bloat the other part. And so opportunities will still be there we just have to always equip ourselves.

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