Wednesday, January 3, 2007


year-end... the busiest year for accountants, i can bet on that hehe i can see the loads of work that's goin to fill my days until february 14 of next year (the last submission of the year-end report). i can feel the pressure ryt now. i just came from a very exhilirating and exciting activity that has just concluded - the mindanao film festival. twas my first tym to do a film and i was really thrilled and amazed especially wen we won 6 major awards, not bad for amateurs like us hehe that event has marked my year 2006. twas my major adventure for this year. i earned lots of friends, i experienced sleeping anywer hehe may it be in the hotel lobby, or joy's house stairs, at the van, some people's house wer we do our shooting. i even got into firing without having to plan about it ahead of tym. my hasol powers have come out. Nice experience :)

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