Sunday, August 12, 2007


Most of us are wondering what really are our purpose. The following will help us to identify our very purpose why we were created by God.

Identify your natural talents

If you meet a cellular phone for the very first time, what's the first question are you going to ask? You would of course wonder what it is for and try to find out its capabilities. And when you discover it, you will then use it for its particular purpose. Same thing with people, to know our purpose is to look for its indication in the things that we are good at. From there, we start to know the very intent of our capabilities. Our given talents were planted in us when God created us. He never made us exactly as we are without a purpose and that's why He equipped us with our capabilities for us to carry out our mission – our life's purpose.

Know your deepest desire

Our mind is powerful but it only helps us in the things that are rational. It's the heart who will guide us to life's purpose and meaning. God planted a particular desire in the deepest part of our heart for us to know our purpose. A desire that will never be quenched when it is not fulfilled and when the creator is not present. The key then is to make God the center of our lives and listen to His whispers in the depths of our hearts. And when our heart knows, our mind will provide us wisdom to know what to do.

Identify the things that you love doing

Our God is a loving God and He meant us to prosper and to enjoy life. And so He assigned us a particular role in our given situation. When it is our purpose, we will find it in our hearts. When we find it in our hearts, it will not become work but an activity that we enjoy doing. It is because it is in line with our heart and our soul. There can never be happiness when it is not vertical with our talents and our heart's desires. So to be certain that we truly have found the desire of our hearts, we must be able to love our work and thus find our purpose.

Find time to refresh your soul

When seeking the depths of your heart for your ultimate desire becomes so hard and frustrating, find time to refresh yourself to do away with all the clutters. You never hear God's voice whispering to you because your heart is very noisy. Take away the fears, loneliness, shame and anxieties that prevent you from finding your happiness and real purpose. Aim for silence and calm and seek your heart in your most serene, confident and trusting state. Have faith that God will allow you to hear His voice and lead you to finding your life's purpose.

Pray for guidance

Anything done excluding God is nothing so be sure to involve God in everything that you do and He will guide you all through your life. And in the end, you will find your life worth living because you have found your purpose and lived it all for His will and glory.

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