Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Fell In Love With Laoag

I never really thought that Ilocos is a beautiful place to be and it never came to my list of “must go” places here in the Philippines. But when my friend Aleks arranged a trip for me to Ilocos, I can’t help but give it a try. Well, I didn’t know what to expect but since he said it’s beautiful and I got no place in mind and I’m ready to go on a side trip, so I went. It was a very long travel from Manila, about 8-10 hours. We traveled on evening so we can save time and hotel hehe Everything is arranged. We already have booked our dorm at MSSU in Laoag and contacted the dean courtesy of my good friend Aleks. Our itinerary would be from Manila to Laoag, Ilocos Norte then back to Vigan, Ilocos Sur, then to Baguio City where we are supposed to be heading for the 62nd PICPA Annual National Convention. And so we went to Ilocos and I never thought it’s so beautiful, not only the place but also the people. They are so welcoming and hospitable. The dean asked one of the instructors there to tour us. They provided us with transportation, meals and accommodation and to think that request was not official. Aleks just asked them to help us in our trip but then everything was provided.

At the top of the old light house

Bangui Wind Mills

Fort Ilocandia

Paoay Lake

We went to Paoay first and looked at our then President Marcos and bought my big hat :) Then to San Agustin Church (one of UNESCO's heritage site) then ate empanada. After that, we headed to Paoay lake took pictures and headed to Fort Ilocandia. It's a wow resort. I never thought, a place as silent as Ilocos has that. It's so nice to stay there. We went to the Malacañang of the North but it was closed during that time too bad. But anyway, we went back to Laoag proper to have our lunch passing by the sand dunes as we go back (wow! there's a desert up there) After lunch, we headed up north to the old light house (sorry I can't remember it's name hehe) then to Bangui wind mills. The place was so windy and serene, I think I could stay there forever hehe just kidding. Might be scary at night :) We'd like to go straight to Pagudpud, a breathtaking world class beach resort but we were out of time.

San Agustin Church or Paoay Church

All in all, it was a great trip even if we weren't able to go to Pagudpud. After all, the place we've visited were already beautiful. Such trip was more than we can ask for and that was one of the travels I couldn’t forget.

Marcos Museum

Pictures below are not in Laoag, it's in Baluarte, Vigan, Ilocos Sur but I included it here because it's part of our Ilocos tour

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alantooth said...

may camel pala sa laoag hehehehe, ayan pinaka ayoko sa lahat ang riding with horse/camel boring kasi, gusto ko un tumatakbo mismo, hehehehehehehe