Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Travel 101 : Students

I know it’s very frustrating to be young and full of excitement but have no money to spend for a vacation. I’ve gone through that myself having to depend on my allowance alone and at the mercy of my parents. Really frustrating.

But you can do something about it. Our time today is full of opportunities waiting to be seen. What can you do then?

Save for your airfare, bus fare, boat fare, etc.

During school season, you can start saving for your fare from your allowance or from part-time work maybe online work or any work you can think of to earn extra money. There’s a lot of cheap airfare right now. Just be sure to book in advance coz that’s when airfare is very cheap. If you can’t afford a plane, there’s a lot of land transportation available that is safe and cheap.

Apply and pass for a scholarship

A free schooling is heavenly for both of you and your parents especially when they pay everything you need in school. All you have to do is to study. This will give you opportunity to save everything you earn extra.

Make lots of friends with lots of friends too and be nice to your relatives ;)

With online networking, it’s not that difficult to find friends in places you intend to go. This is the cheapest way to visit a place because they can offer you free accommodation and a free tour guide :D If you don’t have any, you can find a lot of cheap hostels, backpacker’s inn and student hostels perfect for travelers on a budget.

Plan your trip

List the things you want to do in your vacation and places you want to visit. Make a detailed itinerary with cost in each activity so you will know how much you need. Make columns for date, time, activity, transportation cost, meals and activity cost for a detailed itinerary.

Be prepared to do any kind of jobs

While on vacation earn money for your food and travel expenses. Finding a job in fast food chains is very easy just be sure you stay at urban zones ;) But it is best to have a decent online freelance job income where you can bring anywhere even if you go abroad. Call it your portable income :)

Learn from your experience

Every experience is a journey to learning. Don’t underestimate the kind of growth your summer or semestral break vacation gives you. This will offer you a different perspective and a different feel on how people in other places live. You can learn from them and apply useful things in your own life. Traveling is really learning and growing while having fun.

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