Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Run for Ilog Pasig 2009

I got the chance to join the run for Ilog Pasig with my DB officemates in ERIS. We did the 42 k relay category with 20 participants. I’m fond of fun runs though I’m not really an athletic type or for running in particular. I just love the fun and of course the cause was also in line with my concern for the environment. I’ve already done this stuff in Davao and I got lots of fun so I wanted to try it in Manila too. I was assigned to be the 5th runner and they’ll be waiting for me on Station 6 for the relay. I ran for only 2 k and I’m not sure how many minutes I did that. I just enjoyed the run. I didn’t even recognize the place I passed by I was just following the route assigned to me. I started at the Ayala Bridge before going down. Each run has Ilog Pasig participating in it coz we pass it in every running station. It was a fun-filled activity but I got my legs aching the next day - a sign that I was not able to prepare for it. I just went there and run lol! I wasn’t even able to sleep the night before coz my body clock has already changed with my current work schedule. Nevertheless, I ran and it was fine.

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Irfan Mahmood said...

People with open heart never die, You may live long and celeberate ur birthday with ur family. Good blog.