Friday, September 5, 2008

Trans-siberian Chase

Experience much of Asia as close as it can be. Chasing the trans-siberian railway will give you this kind of experience. I have been really wanting to do this. It's the kind of adventure I'd like to do - crossing borders, seeing the scenery in as close and as real as it can be having to see it by the train windows. I wonder what it would do to my increasing wanderlust. Yes, it can quench it for a while but I think it will still long for another journey. Have been dreaming of flying from Australia to London then start my trans-siberian journey from there to Moscow then across the vast of Russia, crossing thru the deserts of Mongolia, experience different levels of temperature and activities. Then cross the border of China to Beijing maybe take a journey to South Korea then return to Beijing to go to Shanghai then take the boat to escape to Japan. The adventure doesn't end in the trans-siberian. I can definitely go farther to other Asian countries. After exploring Japan go back to Shanghai then catch the train to Hong Kong. Follow the railway again to Hanoi, Vietnam to
Blogger: Planet One - Edit Post "Trans-siberian Chase"Saigon then catch the bus to Bangkok then make my way to Malaysia and to Singapore then fly to my home country Philippines. It's definitely an exhilirating kind of adventure. While collecting different kinds of memories along the way, meet different kinds of people, mingle with fellow travellers, learn and see things I have never seen. And maybe try authentic and unique activities in such countries and experience life in its fullest. It's maybe my grandest dream for now and can definitely happen given the right resources at the right time and maybe a dash of luck? I'm still here in the Philippines but my mind is reaching far and beyond and someday I could match my mind with my body and it will reach where it want to be. Someday.. who knows?


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