Thursday, October 2, 2008

Night Out in Clarke Quay

It was our second night in Singapore just in time with the World’s 1st Formula One Night Race. The streets were full and every corner in Suntec City was filled with people from different parts of the world. You can see people of different races trying to take part in the world’s first ever night race. As curious as they are, we went straight to gate 3 to know what’s going on only to find out that the entrance fee is 300USD. We only brought enough money for the trip and the F1 race wasn’t included in the budget too bad. We really don’t know that our trip was in time with the famous race at least not to us hehehe That’s maybe why we’re having difficulty in booking for our hotel. And so we took our pic at the event banner, did some peeking by standing at a higher level building around the venue then went to find Clarke Quay. It took us several minutes to reach the place. Though we have the map, we weren’t able to reach there easily I guess we’re a bit dull with directions hehehe We chose to locate it through walking so at the same time we can stroll the city. It was a very nice walking journey to Clarke Quay seeing Singapore closely as we walk. One Singaporean we asked said it’s just a 20-minute walk giving us directions instructing us that when we find an unusually beautiful lighted place, it’s definitely Clarke Quay. So we went on walking for almost an hour when we finally found what we’re looking for – the beautiful and chic Clarke Quay.

At far, Clarke Quay looks so lively and young. The lights are beautifully nestled in Singapore River. One thing that catches my eyes was the way Clarke Quay was styled. It’s so nice beside the river. It was arranged handsomely with lots of bars, restaurants and chic hang outs. During that night, there was a festival. There’s a program at the center atrium with lots of visitors squatting on the floor. It was so full of people and lively sound that we went joining them. We waited for the program to start and about 30 minutes later it started. We witness a unique mask presentation with the dancers playing drum-like wooden instruments at the same time. I don’t remember what they’re celebrating at that time but all I know is that, I like it. As you look around, you can see a lot of beautiful looking Caucasians. In fact most of the visitors there are white and black people. I seldom see Asians like us except of course the Chinese and some Koreans. It was as if I visited a different world and that I was so far away from Asia.

After the program we went out to see the boats to cruise along the Singapore River. But went to GMAX instead coz the ride will bring us to Esplanade and we haven’t get over Clarke Quay yet. While here in the Philippines, I was determined to ride the extreme GMAX but when I saw it, I couldn’t get the courage to try it especially when no one in my group would like to go with me. Maybe I could do it if I can have a support with friends by joining me go up the sky. Courage somehow went somewhere else. It was so frightful but definitely an adventure a very good way to experience fear and exhilaration. Aside from the GMAX, there’s also the extreme swing but a little less frightful from GMAX itself. I hope when I do come back, I will have the courage to try it and bring someone who would also like to try it. Too bad I wasn’t too courageous.

All in all, the visit to Clarke Quay was a very nice experience. I love the place, the people I see and the activities in it. When we finally decided to go back to our hotel we met fellow Filipinos speaking the same dialect we do and so we were able to easily locate them and we realized, we’re still in Asia.

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