Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Love Genting Highlands

Asian travel is definitely a different kind of experience. I’m from an Asian country myself from Philippines but still, neighboring countries fascinate me. One of these Asian countries I love is Malaysia. Have been to Kuala Lumpur and loved it. But there is one place I really love in Malaysia and would really want to go back to – The Genting Highlands! It’s a city of entertainment at the top of a mountain. It’s a very nice place for any ages. Perfect for families and any other leisure trips.

The place is full of fun-filled activities. You can even stay on it for days because they have hotels to accommodate
you. Our trip to Genting was only for a day but we truly enjoy the experience. Not just that, it was so convenient to go there. We booked our trip at KL Sentral and waited for our Genting bus there. They already have several packages to enjoy Genting according to your budget and your purpose of going there. All of their packages include entrance, bus transfer to and from Genting Highlands and the oh-so-i-love-it cable car transfer. It was a 15-minute cable car ride over vast mountain scenery. It’s the only sky ride over the mountains I have ever done except from the airplane of course.

I know what to expect in Genting as I know what they have through browsing the net. But the moment I stepped out of the cable car, I was filled with excitement. The weather and temperature is great. Being from a tropical country, I really like the Genting breeze. It was sunny but cold. When we finally entered the place, I was surprised of how many people go there. It’s like an independent city with lots of people buzzing around. There are hotels, casino, theme parks inside and outside, restaurants, etc. Other things like bazaars and snow world are also available inside. Kids would really love the place including the kids at heart. There’s a lot of fun and excitement in Genting for a not so high budget. It’s definitely a good value for your money. If I do have the chance to go back to Malaysia, I’d like to visit Genting Highlands once again.

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