Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dreaming of Going Back To Sentosa

I went to Sentosa last September and fell in love with it. It’s so perfect for a self-imposed retreat or a lover’s get away or friend’s fun and scorching night out. The water is inviting with facilities that truly answer you’re every requirement of comfort and leisure. It’s perfect for at least a day or two stay at the island. It will make you forget a bit of the world you left behind. You won’t even get bored coz there can be a lot of activities you can do in the island. And it’s all worth your time and money.

The island has an entrance fee inclusive of all kinds of transportation inside the island may it be the monorail, the bus or the tram. It’s already inclusive in the fare you pay in whatever ride you prefer in going there that is, thru the bus or the monorail or the cable car. When we went there, we chose the cable car transfer to and from Sentosa. It was a charming and enchanting ride having to gracefully glide above the sea going to Sentosa. The view is breathtaking. I wish it’s a little bit higher and longer like that of the jewel box going to mount faber. But anyway, the cable car ride was good enough. At the end of the cable line is Imbiah. It’s the part of the island where most of the fun activities are located. There’s the sky tower, the theater, the sky ride and the luge, the merlion walk, etc. We went picture taking and ride the tram going to Siloso beach. The beach is wonderful with good accommodation and restaurants in it. There are also rides going to palawan beach and the other one I forgot the name. But I’m sure there are only 3 beach resorts in Sentosa. But we only stayed at Siloso Beach. It was so nice that I fell in love with it instantly. Too bad we weren’t able to witness the Songs of the Sea. They say it’s a must see but we weren’t able to watch it because they only show it at evening and that evening itself we’re going back to the Philippines so we don’t have much time to stay longer in Sentosa. So reluctantly, we went back to Singapore and went strolling in it’s largest mall Vivo City. Tried one of the Chinese food chain there and enjoyed the noodles, the dumplings and the chopsticks. After that we went straight to Bugis Junction and went shopping to bring something back home. Too bad I wasn’t able to truly stay longer on that wonderful island. That’s may be why I’m dreaming of going back. The next time I go to Singapore, Id’ truly spend a night or two at my beloved Sentosa.

Siloso Beach

The Merlion Walk

My favorite Sentosa pic :D Thanks for this sistah! Mwah!

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