Monday, October 6, 2008

Travel Thrill

I remember when I was there in NAIA airport waiting patiently for the nearing Sing-Malaysia escapade. I can't help to get excited over my flight to Singapore 4 hours from that moment. I was far from getting bored, I was anticipating instead :) It's because this is my first ever international travel hehe As they say, nothing beats the first time. I even documented the start of our travel from the Davao International Airport until reaching NAIA. I've always wondered what it feels like to finally step down from the plane on a foreign land, seeing different people and things, and speaking a foreign language. And these "wonderings" (I think I made up this word hehe) will be answered a few hours from that moment.

To entertain myself, I brought food and books. Read a little and eat o lot hahaha I texted family and honey updating them of our nearing flight. I wish honey was there but he can't go with us. But anyway, I was too excited to even entertain that thought hehe At that time, I was so happy I get myself a vacation :D

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