Sunday, December 2, 2007

In a Different Light

I’ve heard a conversation between a 2-yr old child and a 56-yr old woman. I’ve even found it amusing… my attention was caught by the girl’s question… she was wearing dark sunglasses and the old woman was wearing clear eyeglasses. The girl asked, “is your surrounding dark?” the old woman smiled amused by the girl’s naivety. The old woman answered her “nope”. The girl further asked…“Why? Mine’s dark you know…” “…It’s because you’re wearing dark glasses and mine is clear…if you remove it your surrounding would be brighter…”

I was able to ponder on that simple encounter. That time I was bitter about something… I was even discontented and bored with my life. But I’ve realized that blessings are just there waiting to be noticed… to be seen clearly. I’ve recognized that I’m just refusing to see my obvious blessings. I now regret over the time spent sulking and hoping for something else when the good things are just around. I could have done a lot of things out of it. But I’ve wasted my time thinking how unfortunate I am. It’s a pity I never realized it immediately. I could have spared myself from the pains of feeling inadequate. Oh well if I hadn’t felt that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate things as intense as I appreciate it now. It is still a blessing then… see how the way you look at things can change how you feel and eventually your whole life!

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