Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Take care of your body

What you sow, you will reap. This is a very old saying proven to be so true. To keep ourselves young, we have to keep ourselves healthy. A healthy body feels vitality and emits vibrant energy. And when we do not take care of ourselves, it will get back to us sooner or later. So eat well, exercise, take supplements, maintain your weight and skin, keep your hair healthy so your body will respond with the same intensity of care you have given it and stays young.

Release negative thoughts and feelings

Fear, loneliness, uncertainties, anxieties, guilt, shame, anger, name it and we all have it. All these feelings will come in our life once in a while and disturb us. To stay young we should not dwell in painful and shameful experiences but instead thank God that He allows us to experience trials and failures to cleanse our soul and to prepare us for something better. All these are just passing so hold on tight and trust God that He has better plans for us. Release all these in prayer and in any way we can think of. We are never given such adversities if we won't be able to win over it. So have faith, stop worrying and maintain peace and happiness in our hearts to stay young.

Always do something new

To keep our soul young, we have to expose it always to something new and to something that will lift it up, make it curious, excited and young. We never grow old merely by age but by the way our soul survives and desires to live. So to keep it in a healthy state, it should always be stimulated by new things, motivated by inspiration and strengthened by prayer.

Have a positive attitude

It is true that life is really hard and sometimes frustrating but only to the people who never have the right attitude to cope the hardest of times. To stay young, one should try to approach things for the better. A positive attitude means that we should know how to treat negative and positive things alike in an objective and creative manner. We can't control the circumstances and the people that surrounds us. We can only control ourselves and thus, we can do something on how we approach things and should make do whatever it is that will make our life more happy, productive, and worth living that will keep our soul young.

Do good

Doing good is a good feeling and a young heart feels good. A heart that desires good will always do good and will feel good in every good things done. Good things are always positive and to fill our hearts and soul with only good will keep them light and unburdened and thus, will keep us young.

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