Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tequila Party

I’m not fond of alcohol. I don’t even drink for social gatherings. Beside the fact that I’m allergic to it, it’s just that I don’t like it. But last New Year’s eve, I gave in to a dare. My younger sis said tequila hadn’t had an effect on her at 8 shots on her first time. That’s really something coz her friends gave in on the 3rd shot. It somehow made me curious bout my capacity so we went to a convenient store and bought tequila. The one thing we were looking for were not there so we tried another brand. It’s El Hombre Gold tequila 40% alcohol. Gosh it somehow scared me. I wonder if I’ll immediately get dead on the 1st shot hahaha. But anyway, we went home and set our tequila party after 12 midnight. We really don’t have to worry bout our behavior if we get wasted coz we’ll just be showing it at home. So we dressed up and went to church then celebrated the New Year with family at home.

After the midnight salu-salo, the tequila party officially began. My sis told me to get my stomach full with rice so I won’t get intoxicated. But I don’t feel like eating rice I’m so full I couldn’t eat it anymore. And so I went to begin my 1st ever tequila adventure and worry later bout my alcohol allergy attack. I’m not that afraid of it anymore coz I already forgot how it feels hahaha. I had my last allergy years ago. At first it feels awkward doing the tequila thing – the salt and the kalamansi. I wondered why does it have to be that way and I got my answer when I finally took my 1st shot. It was so alcohol and it hurt my mouth a bit – I didn’t like the taste. But on my 2nd shot, I got braver, I know what to expect now. And I was amazed at how fast I’ve learned. The 2nd shot went smoothly down my throat and it blended nicely with the citrus and salt. And for the 1st time, I appreciated it. I went on with my 3rd, 4th and 5th shot and never get dizzy yet. I just like the warm feeling it made to my body. I even like it because it doesn’t have an alcohol after taste or a trace of it when you burp. I was going to take my 6th shot when a fly went straight to the bottle and died instantly there hahaha. I was disappointed. I aimed at surpassing my sis performance on her first time. I’d like to be 1 shot ahead of her and still not dizzy. But then again, I couldn’t drink it anymore, the fly made it yucky. We left the bottle at the table and did something else only to find out later that my uncle took 3 shots of it (not aware of the fly swimming dead in it) and surrendered on the 3rd shot hahaha. That must really be strong. But then, I wasn’t able to truly measure my alcohol tolerance with that incident so I’ll do it some other time with my dorm mates or my sisters again and cousins. I left that thing for future fun and went to bed. And what I dreaded has happened I woke up with my skin swelling, itchy and so red. This is the price I have to pay for the fun the night before. Not so worth it though coz my purpose of doing it was not sufficed and I’ll have to do it again and go through this itchy allergy again.


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