Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aquafun Maxima

I had the chance to visit the Aquafun Maxima which opened just April of this year. I've been wanting to visit this place because of the feature made by Sports Unlimited. And I was never short of my expectation :) The tarpaulin slide which I heard is the first in the world? This is what Bong told us, a friend tour operator who was with us. He brought us there for us to enhance the Samal Adventure Tour website as this may be one of the destinations he will going to bring his clients. It was great to be there. The slide was about 40 meters long with a drop of about 5 ft. when it's high tide and about 12 ft. drop on low tide landing on a 120ft. deep water (oh no!!!) It's not scary though coz they have competitive staffs and it's not allowed to slide without a staff stationed at the top and on the dropping point. Wearing a life vest is also imperative as they make sure that everybody is safe. Gears are also available for rent if you would want other water activities. All water parts of the resort is very deep but non-swimmers should not worry as they have plenty of life vests ;) We went snorkeling nearby where the corals and colorful fish are located. We went a little farther and saw the seawall and the place where we've landed. It was so scary. It was dark and looked like an endless abyss that will devour you any moment. After seeing what's under I was suddenly afraid of the jump offs I did moments ago haha

The resort was not really finished yet. Their Canopy Walk is still under construction and a Zip Line going down you may end up splashing on the water. We will know when it opens on June. But I'm already in Manila when that happens hahay. Will just do it on my vacations here in Davao.

ready, get set, go! :D


I love my messy hair. Too much fun to fuss over it wahaha!

Snorkeling :)

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