Thursday, May 7, 2009

Samal Blue Jaz Resort

We went to Samal Blue Jaz Resort last weekend and I didn't like my experience. Sure it has the longest slide in the Philippines but the service was poor. We never brought food with us thinking we could just order at their restaurant. Never thought they will starve us. It took us about 45 minutes before they took our order. For several times we called the staff on the counter but they kept on ignoring us. I didn't know what's wrong with them why are they ignoring people on the counter who tries to order. They just look at us and do their stuff as if they never heard or saw us. That was really annoying. Until I picked up the menu stand and bang it a bit on the counter so I would get their attention. I don't mind if I get it damaged. That was when they get our order. I dunno what's with them they're doing business but they don't want to earn income huh? They were really annoying. We were really hungry at that time. They could have made it up if their food is exceptional but it wasn't. The food was not good and they're charging as if it's a real restaurant. It wasn't worth our money.

Another thing is that, they have a very small swimming place. And not enough comfort rooms and bath rooms! What a resort! That time, too many people came to the resort to have fun but there's not much of a place to swim. Like me, they were also deceived of the good advertisement they get from Sports Unlimited which featured the big slide of which I could say, is the only thing you would want to see in there. The swimming area at the beach is small, the swimming pool is small too. The pool surrounding the slides is very small its just enough for you to make a splash when you reach the bottom of the slides. No enough swimming area for everybody and they still keep on admitting visitors. The place looked like a crowded park. Their surroundings looked like a backyard to me and it's dirty. It didn't looked nice on pictures. I think it's over publicized. It's really deceiving. I don't trust their zip line too. If you see it, you'll be afraid for your life. The rope is very thin, it looks like a laundry line where you hang your clothes. And the rolling blades looked unsafe they just hang it on the cable and when it deviates, you know what will happen to you.

This is an honest review in the eyes of a customer. If someone from Blue Jaz will be able to read this, it's your chance to improve your place. I will never go back to that place except for the slide.

Boat ride to Blue Jaz Resort

This is the only nice view in there. The entrance haha

After we have our lunch. We're able to smile now hehe
This one is nice though.

Blue Jaz Resort Entrance


Randy C said...

Thanks for the honest review, Nadel. There a lots of options on Samal Island and no reason to go to a resor that doesn't care for it's customers.

lextalionis said...

thank you for your review last year nadel. all i can say is w have no excuse for what you have experienced. however, i am glad to tell you that we have taken all your comments by heart and applied all what is needed to improve our services. i really hope you could give us another try. thnks

cagayan de oro resorts said...

Was there no other place you can grab something to eat? It is no excuse if lack the staff to accommodate a lot of people in the restaurant area. You should have demanded to see the manager or just pay half for the food.