Thursday, May 7, 2009

Japanese Tunnel

We went to Japanese Tunnel last weekend too. I wanted to explore the tunnel before I leave Davao. It's one of the places I wanted to see but never have the time to go until I've finally went there for a swimming after being pissed off at the Blue Jaz Resort. We went inside the tunnel. It's the very tunnel the Japanese soldiers used during the World War II. The guide said it was about 1 kilometer long but they just allowed us for 200 meters exploration as the other side of the tunnel belongs to another's property. It was my first time to be in a tunnel and historical at that. We saw the "bartolina" prison and wondered how it is to be imprisoned in there and so we went inside and pose for a picture ;)

We ordered food at their restaurant and paid less than we paid the Blue Jaz Resort Cafe but their food was really good, I love it! We asked it to be served at the pool and went swimming after. We had a nice time with The Japanese Tunnel. The customer service was also good they even accomodated us even if the tunnel guide went home already. At least they made it up to us. It wasn't at all that bad a day :)

The Japanese Tunnel

Happy prisoners :D

Making friends with the Japs ;)

Swimming at the pool ;)

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kathangisip said...

Been to Japanese tunnel last year. Pwede palang pumasok dun sa cages..hehe