Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Do I Find Thee? Inspired by Bo Sanchez :)

Alright it's Valentine's week and I'm quite forced to write about love in here. I would just like to share with you my experience in reading "How To Find Your One True Love" by Bo Sanchez. It's a very practical book I bought myself 3 years ago but I never learned though ;) The title might make you hide it while falling in line at the counter I was ashamed myself too I was thinking it was just mushy and who-needs-looking-for-partner-techniques books it's only shallow! but I've read the reviews and I was intrigue by the contents and so I decided I might really need it. And so it turned out to be a jewel. After reading it, it feels like a pale of cold water was thrown at you and voila! You become a new person. The romantically-inclined-fate-fan-self has gone somewhere else.

One of the things I couldn't forget about the book is the myth on "signs". Not that I'm fan of signs but Bo presented it so candidly and very entertaining :) As to his example, a lady says "Lord, if I get white roses from him tomorrow, he's the one" And it turned out that he really gave her white roses. So, she ask for another sign if she should be married to this man and this time from a bible. She randomly opened it and found a verse on weddings. And so to finalized everything she asked for the last sign to seal it and the sign was also given to her. But she did not look at the real signs. Her boyfriend is handsome and intelligent but can't hold a job for 3 months and has a very hot temper. She never investigated on how he treats his family where this will be the kind of treatment that she will get in the future. She married the guy and ended up a battered wife. Signs maybe good but it needs to be really discerned and backed by strong facts. He says, we do not need supernatural signs but real signs. Check his relationship with God. If he fears and love God then it's a good sign that he can love you also and take good care of you. Check out his maturity and his ability to take on responsibilities. Know his family and observe the kind of family environment he has coz he will most likely bring that kind of culture in your own family, it's called a homing instinct. Check out his friends, don't underestimate the saying "birds of the same feather flock together" because it's very true. Go out on a date that's interactive where it involves activities. In here, you will experience on how he reacts on different situations and that's raw reaction nothing can be hidden from that. These signs are real and very visible, you don't have to pray so hard and even fast just to get a supernatural sign ;)

Another thing he said I couldn't forget is the very myth that "there's a specific one person God has prepared for each of us" it couldn't be true. What if the one he created for me, went to the seminary? Oh no! :) God has created all these guys for us to choose girls. That's why we have free will because we can choose.

The 3rd myth is to pray and wait for him to come. This can't also be true. If you just pray and never exert the effort to present yourself to the market then you cannot be sold just as a product without proper marketing can't be sold on a market. So what if you have marketed yourself greatly, it's just that no enough guys who happen to possess all of your "essentials in a partner"? Well that's my problem too hahaha Well seriously, if this happens, continue to be beautiful inside and out. Make friends but do not consider him a prospect. Meet new people everyday. If you think you've met all the guys in your area and there's no possibility of finding your one true love in there then go away and find your adventure abroad maybe you will find him in your journey ;)

That's all I could share about the book. If I'll write it all here, it will also end up Bo's book rewritten by me.

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