Friday, February 6, 2009

Self-restructuring 101 : Increase Efficiency

People today are having a hard time catching up with time and this is really true with me having so many things in mind and so many things to do. And this really needs to be looked into. As I try to maximize my time I found these things helpful.

Wake up early

Oh no! I really hate this. Aside from hating it, I really can’t wake up early, it’s too hard to do unless I’m excited going somewhere else hehe But there’s a lot of advantages in waking up early. And so I went to discipline myself and found out it wasn’t really that hard. Maybe wondering why there’s no so much violent reaction on my part ;) Well waking up early has become easy for me because I was truly willing to wake up early. I tried it first for a week. And when I don’t like the outcome, I would just go back to my normal wake up time 7:00 am. For 1 week, I really tried to wake up when my alarm clock goes off at 5:00 am and I did it everyday until I noticed, I don’t have to force myself to wake up early. My body clock got used to it. And I realized, it only takes 1 week to command your body clock :) With this, I was able to do my prayer and journal time during morning instead of my usual before bed time. I got healthier and a more alert mind having been able to prepare well and eat breakfast because I have enough time. And I get to clean my room before I go having it ready when I come back to rest or to do other stuff freeing more time at night. Guess what it did to me? I was able to learn a little of HTML and Microsoft SQL thru reading tutorials in my extra time at night. Amazing! :)

Get rid of your TV

This one’s not an issue for me coz I’ve long since stopped watching TV. It’s just that, it never appealed to me anymore. I’d rather do something else with my time than waste it on TV.

Read good books, internet articles, and other sources of information, learn from them and then implement, IMMEDIATELY!

I got this increasing love for reading. I can’t really get enough of it. I buy books, surf the net for information I need. But I got one problem… I don’t implement immediately what I’ve learned from them. So I got overloaded with information and forgot some of the things I’ve learned before. So, to increase productivity, I try to implement first the things I got from a particular book or article I read before going for another.

Sleep only when you’re really sleepy

Most of us go to bed on a certain time to be able to wake up exactly on the time we plan to wake up. But I’ve realized, I am sometimes wasting my time when I try to sleep at a certain time to be able to wake up at a target time only to stay awake in bed waiting for sleep to come. That’s really frustrating. But when you lie in bed when you’re really very sleepy, you can’t read a line in a book, now it’s time to snooze :D In that way, I won’t be wasting any of my time waiting for sleep to come ;)


One of the things I’ve learned is… I can’t do everything. So I have to make my 24 hours more than 24 by using other people’s time :) Last year, I lived with my sis in a house having all the responsibilities of running it under my nose. Gosh! I found out it was really hard to run a household with all the cleaning, laundry, grocery, bills to pay, etc. if you want to live normally. So I went off hiring a house help to do the job for me. I’ve realized, my per hour pay is more expensive than paying a house help to do all those stuffs that usually eat my time. With that, I was able to use my time on more important things and earn more as I can use my time on making money ;) This time, I made it easier for me by moving out and I transferred to an apartment with utilities included in the monthly payment plus free cleaning and ready home-cooked food to buy at half the price I pay for the house and all its expenses. All I have to do is to pay and nothing else. Now, that’s really cool :)


Well this is old school and I know everybody knows this. I just thought it’s worth mentioning :)

There are a lot of ways to increase productivity. We all have our own ways of catching up with time depends on what we are willing to bargain ;)

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