Friday, February 13, 2009

My Favorite Destinations In My Country Philippines

Of all the things I love doing, traveling is my number one favorite. And I have quite visited a lot of places in my country. Each of them gave me a distinct experience and learning. I loved my every travels and I’ve collected wonderful memories and a bunch of photos. I want to share with you the places in my country which I think is the best :) Here are my top 10 but excluding my own place Davao, it will always be my number 1 ;)


I love Baguio! I love its cold weather. It’s the only cold city in the Philippines where the climate is tropical. I love Baguio because of its picturesque and manicured setting making it different from any other places I’ve visited in the Philippines. In fact, I’ve visited it twice last year, one during the summer and one on December :) where the weather in the Philippines is hottest and coldest respectively.


Bohol is an island with lots of activities to do and really beautiful beaches. You’ll fall in love with the beauty of Panglao and its wonderful diving sites. Not only resorts but places to visit like Chocolate Hills and cruising and dining along Loboc River. Meet the small creatures Tarsier that can only be found in Bohol.

Laoag, Ilocos Norte

Laoag feels different also. I always have a different feeling when I visit places and it’s the most homey and tranquil place I have ever visited. It was like a soul connection no kidding! Hehe I fell in love with Fort Ilocandia and San Agustin Church. I love the winds in Bagui where you can find the only windmills in Southeast Asia. There’s also the somewhat old and eery lighthouse in North Ilocos.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur

This place gives you the feel of being in Spanish time. The whole Crisologo Street was preserved up to this day you will truly drift to the old days :)


The Queen City of the South shines more than ever with its chic metropolis. Love the lively beat of its everyday rhythm.

Island Garden City of Samal

Of course our neighbor city Samal won’t be left out. There’s so much to explore and do in this place that I can’t get enough that’s why I go back for more.


I love the manificent landscape of this province. The weather is very cool too. Lots of mountain springs.


Meet the beautiful Taal Volcano which can be viewed above in the main attractions in Tagaytay. Perfect for a nice vacation.


This is a silent place where it hasn’t really bud into its fullest. But it has a unique beauty too and great history. You’ll meet Daddy Douglas Mc Arthur in Palo, Leyte. Went there very early in the morning and dipped my feet in the water around the American Army statues which is 150% the real size of daddy Doug and his army. I was also able to cross the longest bridge in the Philippines which connected Samar and Leyte, the San Juanico Bridge.


Albay is a silent and quite sad place but what I like about it is the majestic and perfectly shaped Mayon Volcano standing magnificently in vast fields.


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