Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saying I Do (minus the romance)

Getting married is probably one of the most cherished events in a person's life and... the biggest contributor for great changes. And this will never escape from the grasp of finance :)

> Dating (finding the one costs much as you will spend for self maintenance and improvements, activities to meet people and the dates itself)

> Starting out, there's money involved. The wedding itself costs much. And thus you use each other's savings.

> The house --> where should we live honey? (Pooling of resources and of the house mortgage)

> Ulities and groceries (savings because you share)

> Deciding to get credit (you are now jointly liable)

> Salary (pooled into one and assigned to a household treasurer which is usually the wife)

> Decisions (done by both)

> Credit score (may be combined or use the higher credit score of either husband or wife)

> Credit card debts (part of the package. If wife or husband has high debts, marriage finance will be affected as money from both of you will be allocated to pay for such debts.)

> Family car (joint liability)

> Children's education (family's investment)

> Savings (everybody's business inside the household)

> Realization (love is not the only element for happy ever after ;) we marry everything even credit)

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