Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recession Proof Ideas

Think abundantly (no better way to direct your thoughts)

Dream of many unrealistic dreams (for you to make extraordinary effort because you know your dreams are too idealistic. Just 2 things will happen, you can either reach your unrealistic dream or just the half of it *wink*)

Think like an entrepreneur (no way to survive the loss of jobs)

Count your resources and consider it in your plans (we have lots of resources like time, relationships, talents and skills, etc not just money)

Be resourceful (tough times really need this *wink*)

Please add another, I'm too sleepy to think ;)


lunaticg said...

read a lots of other option?

Jay Castillo said...

Venture into businesses/investments that are recession proof like investing wisely in real estate where people will always need to live somewhere, if they cannot buy, they can always rent.

nathadale said...

thanks for adding jay ;)