Monday, February 2, 2009

Philippines On Geo Arbitrage

"RP a cheap place to live, but purchasing power low" This was a headline on Philippine Star on their last year issue. What does it tell us? Is it an advantage or a disadvantage?

Philippines being a cheap place to live is certainly an advantage for us Filipinos but with a catch like "low purchasing power" puts the advantage at par with the disadvantage (sad to say).

But are we going to be just sad on that news? No, not necessarily because it is something that we have full control. A news like "Philippines is an expensive place to live" will really give us trouble because this situation is peg on the entire economy on which we have no control whatsoever being a nobody isn't it? Good thing "low purchasing power" is in our hands :) Do you know what this news means? This is an opportunity for people who are smart enough to recognize our now borderless world.

We are now on the 21st century and things have really changed since 2000. One of the best gifts this period has given us is the world wide web. And with the ongoing global financial crisis there's a big possibility that more and more companies overseas will resort to outsourcing talents to save on cost thus, keeping their businesses alive. Companies are getting smarter to look for cheaper labor to do the same work quality they need. What does it have to do with our purchasing power?

With the internet, you can choose to earn dollars or euros and spend in pesos without having to leave Philippines. That would be a huge surplus with the existing dollar exchange rate. This is like having a forex business without you being aware of it ;) Sounds perfect? Yes, you can earn dollars too. And the good news is, this opportunity is open to everybody as long as you have a computer and easy access on the internet. We can find a lot of freelance work in the internet that are paying in dollars. (,,,,,,,,,,, of course you have to know something in order for you to find a freelance job in the internet. And the best thing is, you can even work without having to use your brain as long as you know how to click. Try it pays you when you view advertisements in 30 seconds :) But this is not recommended as a main source of income though. Just for extra money in the pocket ;)

As for entrepreneurs at heart. Business is getting easier with the advent of the internet. You can even be in a business without a product. Amazing eh? Yes, you can by being an infopreneur where you sell your knowledge and expertise thru blog. When you have something to say that is of value, you can market it in the net and find readers that will appreciate your work and build your traffic. This requires a lot of link building efforts. And when you have traffic and regular readers, monetization can follow. Though this one requires a lot of work but it can really be done if you're determined. The best part is, you can earn passive income from this as long as you keep on updating your work and always have first hand information on the trend. Remain observant and updated and you won't get lost. You can even use other people's time and expertise in your freelance job. Once you have established your name and have regular clients, it's time to expand it into outsourcing business. Cool isn't it? :)

With these things available today, it is becoming more easy to earn money as you can find a way to monetize your talent and skills not just in your place but around the world. All you have to do is to keep on learning. And if you love travelling and lazying in an island, you can now imagine what this means ;) The world is getting better in that aspect. It is less restrictive and more accepting but very fast and you can always anticipate and hope for the best.

In our time today, information is king. And when you have the ability to make use of that information, you will always be at an advantage as you will be able to make yourself in pace with the changing time.

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