Friday, February 13, 2009


Tired of the usual flowers and chocolates? Stuffed toys and perfumes? Why try something out of the ordinary? Why not combine love and adventure? If you're thinking of a really great activity in this season of love then you can try our "Loventure". This would be something your beloved will truly remember as this would give him/her a different experience on the day of hearts. As February 14 exactly falls on a Saturday, this is very timely for a weekend love adventure :) Our loventure includes an exhilirating zip line gliding over samal waters and an exciting rappeling on the cliff above sea water. The package also includes witnessing the circadian bats at monfort cave and you will be amazed at their number at about 1.8 million and at how they looked in the evening with just your headlight. It's truly one amazing sight! You can also choose to stay at Maxima, the floating resort and chill the night out at a very romantic moon-canopied setting and say your vows again as you promise each other forever. How romantic! :) You can also request for a setting of dinner for two and a relaxing massage if you would wish so for the total Valentine experience. Visit our website now and make a reservation :)

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