Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Bubble Story

I once have read something about the bubble story. I can't remember when or who wrote that but all I can remember is that, when a bubble is pressed on one of its side, the other part would enlarge. With that in mind, I was thinking of the world today as a bubble. The financial crunch have weighed down the west part of the bubble makes me wonder if the east part would enlarge?

Thousands of jobs have been lost since the start of the financial crisis. You can read it anywhere. And I've read some articles that some of these "lost jobs" in the west are flying to the east. And they're eyeing for the Philippines. In order to cut cost, giants are going to operate in the Philippines where talents and business operation is cheap. Business activities would soon fuel the economy. Entrepreneurs will have new vision for opportunities. Seems like there is really a bubble story happening right now. Somehow, the crisis have brought blessings to the small players in this big world. Maybe its time for us to take this chance to help ourselves.

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